No Work Busy Bags

I have lots of projects that I have carefully made and assembled with love and care for my little one. But I also have some that had no work required! Woo-Hoo!

Finger Puppets – I got these at Ikea for around $5.00, bagged them and now they are ready when I’m running out the door and know she’ll need some entertainment.


Cutting – I have a bag that has two pairs of Melissa & Doug Child-Safe Scissors and scrap paper for her to practice her cutting. It makes it easy to grab when she asks for a “new project”.


Coloring – This can be as simple or as lavish as you want. I included a blank pad, a mini pad for fun, a sheet of star stickers, a sheet of bigger stickers, and a box of color pencils or crayons. I always have this one with me to whip out when at restaurants, or waiting in the doctor’s office or anywhere else. Coloring is a life saver. When we travel I just bring a “Mommy Bag” with refill stickers and whatnot to keep it stocked throughout the trip.


Anyone can do these!

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