Norwegian Cruise Lines – Greek Islands

Visiting the Greek Islands had been on the to-do list for years. However, as it turns out, while living in California it wasn’t all that convenient. It was only last summer I finally got to go and the whole trip was beautiful. Everything really does look like the pictures. Here’s what the pictures don’t tell you though- the house wine is as cheap as the water and baklava is Amazing!!! In fact often times there’s no need to order anything but baklava and water.

When planning my Greek Island trip though it turned out to be harder than I thought (and I’ve done a good amount of travel planning). If you are comfortable just showing up and flying by the seat of your pants you could probably have a lot of fun. I, however, was not comfortable with that option in this case. If I was going to make it to Greece not know when, if ever, I would make it back I wanted to make sure I saw everything. The other option seemed to be to use a local travel agent. Which actually looked like a pretty good way to go. Greece was however part of a larger trip and it would have been very difficult and expensive to do just that piece with a travel agent. Anyhow … to get to the point. I found a cruise that stopped at four islands and did not include Athens (which I was already planning on doing on my own). All four port stops were places that were very difficult to get to on our own so it was a perfect fit. So to get on with it already here are some thoughts about the cruise.

Ship – The ship was nice. Not as large or grand as the previous cruise I had been on, but still perfectly nice. The dining room was also lacked a feeling of grandness to make it special. I did enjoy the pools a lot. They weren’t flashy, but they had a bench seat running all the way around them and then a large shallow area of water between the bench and full pool. It was very comfortable to lounge around in between mojitos.

Dining – The food was great; the freestyle dining was horrible. Norwegian Cruise Line doesn’t have assigned dining times, you go whenever you like. However you can’t make reservation either which means that you can try to go to dinner and have an hour or more wait. This was a problem we had the whole week; there were nearly fights at the host stand trying to get into dinner. After talking to customer service we were told this wasn’t normal, there were far more people eating in the dining rooms than usual. We ended up just planning for it and going earlier to get our buzzer. In other dining news, we tried the sushi restaurant and a Jazz brunch in a specialty restaurant and both were wonderful.

Entertainment – I was very impressed with the entertainment. The signers, Broadway style show, and cirque du soleil extended expectations. I would highly recommend anyone on a Norwegian Cruise to take advantage of their entertainment.

Port Calls & Excursions – We picked this cruise because of it’s planned port call. We were very please with the itinerary. And, unfortunately, we were also able to get to see them respond to poor weather. The staff and cruise line did great. They made changes as needed and did the best job they could.

General Merriment – High! If you’re on a cruise ship in the Greek Islands, you are doing something wrong if you’re not having a good time. Nonetheless, Norwegian Cruise Line increased the enjoyment of our ship and if it wasn’t for the freestyle dining, I don’t think I would have a complaint.

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