Cruising with Kids – Mai Tai Please!

***** actually written a month ago, well cruising*****

Whenever you travel with kids there are things that will be better and worse, harder and easier. But, I just had the most wonderful experience which has me placing one more point in the pros category. This didn’t make the cruise better because I was with a child, it made having a child better because I was cruising.

I was trying to put my toddler to sleep in the stroller which often requires losing a hand/arm and the freedom to move from the exact spot you are in. You know the drill; you’re trying to help/make them fall asleep in public and it requires you holding a pacifier in their mouth or rubbing their back continuously/forever, in the case of my daughter she holds my hand to her cheek forever.

While if I’m lucky- I plan ahead before reclining her stroller and setting up nap time and losing my arm indefinitely under the canopy and I have a book in the other hand. If I’m not so prepared I sit there making to-do lists in my head and singing songs (and the worst part is they used to be good songs and now they are the ABC’s).

Today, I found a whole new appreciation for cruising while stuck in the above described position. I was squatting down next to the stroller poolside with one arm being held tightly by the toddler on the inside as she drifted towards sleep and the rest of me wishing I had something to read. And then it came! A moment of pure genius! I waved down a waiter walking by and ordered myself a Mai Tai (the drink of the day) from half inside the stroller. I then gave him directions to where my husband was located somewhere behind me, and let the waiter know he would be taking care of the payment and signing for anything. It was awesome!

If I could just find someone to serve me liquor whenever I’m stuck immobile with a sleeping child I might have a dozen.


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