Busy Bags, who knew?

This was a term I was completely unfamiliar with a few months ago, but now I can’t get enough of them. Probably since childhood I would be called “a crafty person.” When my daughter was young I would work on projects while she was napping. But for the most part, I just didn’t have time for many of the things I wanted to do. Now that she’s a little older she is interested in everything I’m doing. So if I want to work on a crafts project- I give her one too. This worked great, but I only had so many ideas of my own. So I hit the internet and after a quick search for crafts/projects/toddlers/etc. I found “busy bags”. I don’t know who coined this phrase, but it’s great. I had many similar ideas, but organizing them into specific bags was both obvious and geniuses. I also found some new ideas out there that I hadn’t tried out yet.

I encourage anyone with a little one to try some of these projects out. There are tons of ideas out there that you can make your own or buy. There are big projects for home, small projects for travel, projects for wee-ones, and big kids. This is a great concept and I’m in love with it. All of the projects I’ve set up are small projects that can be used at home or grabbed on-the-go.

I bet you already have little projects or distractions like this that you just never knew it had a name. If you are looking for more ideas check out my Pinterest page for ideas on making your own or my shop to have them delivered to you.

Is anyone else using busy bags? What are your little one’s favorites?

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