Valentine’s Day Card

I loved last year’s valentines for my daughter’s preschool class. They were a perfect project to include my daughter, who wasn’t writing yet, in the process. I loved them so much I thought I would be doing them again this year, (and I may still). But now that she’s writing, sort of. I wanted to try a valentine that would let her write her name on it herself; which meant going to a more traditional paper card.
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Kids Christmas Craft – Painted Ornaments

Last year my little one, at 2 ½, was old enough to really get involved with Christmas; beyond decorating the Christmas tree and decorating Christmas cookies. I wanted her to get involved with the Christmas presents, and while I’m sure she will master shopping someday I didn’t want to start that just yet. So I set out to come up with something she could make. Anyone who uses Pinterest knows there are endless options out there and here is one more for you! While spending far too long in the checkout line of my local craft store I couldn’t stop my eyes from wandering about at all the things I might still need. What they landed on was a wall of unfinished Christmas ornaments. They were just screaming potential! At a dollar a piece, in case I miss heard them and they were actually screaming disaster, it was worth a shoot.
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Home Inspection Day

Home Inspections- they are not particularly enjoyable for either the seller or buyer. A person comes and walks around the house and tells you every little thing wrong with it. My house was 150 years old there was going to be a lot wrong… Knob and Tube wiring, Broken Tub Faucet, Sub Par Roofing – Fun stuff. None of those were truly a concern of mine or came as a surprise. I knew there was Knob and Tube and I knew the house was old. As long as it wasn’t at risk of collapsing I could handle any curve balls thrown my way. That didn’t mean I didn’t have any  worries. In fact this was a very real conversation I had with the inspector.

“So just so you know, if while you’re looking around you find a dead creature or something, you should probably tell someone. But not me – I don’t want to know, but you should tell someone. Just not me. Thanks.”
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Toy List – Baby Toys

Here are some of my favorite toys our little one started out with. They all keep her attention, wear well, and I would recommend them to a friend.

Bath Toy –

This is my favorite bath time “toy”. It might not look like much, but we’ve been using it for over 3 ½ years so that makes it a winner in my book. In fact my little one just asked me to use them to play with her in the bath last night. They are very simple abstract ducks. We started using them as a newborn to give her baths and slowly pour water over her. They now still get used to pour water over her and rinse her hair. Additionally, they are perfect abstract play toys; sometimes they are boats filled with ducks sailing around the tub and other times we use them to create fountains in the tub. They are a great staple baby product and make a great shower gift. – Skip Hop Dunks Stacking Bath Toy
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Ode to Kindle Fire

O Kindle, how could I live without thee?
Allowing me to shower without company.
No longer a sweet little baby,
You entertain my never slowing mini-me.
You are there when alone, I wish to pee.
I will always appreciate thee!

O Kindle, how could I live without thee?
You keep high, my level of sanity.
When we drive our little one stays busy.
When we fly you make my job easy.
A moment alone I need, how you’ve saved me.
O Kindle Fire, how I love thee!
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Hello There!

I should probably start with a little backstory to how I came to be in my early-late-twenties with an old farmhouse. I wish it was an exciting story filled with romance, adventures, ups and down, twists and turns – but alas it’s not. I should start out this story with telling you a bit about myself. First, my name is Katie.

Secondly, I’m usually really good at knowing what I want. In fact, once I figure out what I want there is usually little that can stand in my way of getting it. However, 2 years ago when I moved back in with my parents (or my middle age roommates as I sometimes think of them) I had no idea what I wanted, except a place of my own someday.
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